With Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Support.

Who we are

We are a registered charity, offering professional therapeutic intervention and psychosocial support.

All counsellors and psychotherapists are highly qualified and experienced and work in line with standards across a range of professional bodies. We are independent in our style of working but we all share a common passion for therapy and a commitment to emotional wellbeing.

Our Services

Counselling / Psychotherapy

We offer a safe and welcoming space where you can speak freely and in confidence about your difficulties over a period of weekly one hour sessions.

Bereaved by Suicide Support Group

We offer a support group for those impacted by suicide.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary and alternative therapies typically take a holistic approach to your physical and mental health.

Psycho-Social Support
‘Psycho-Social support’ refers to the actions that address both psychological and social needs of individuals, families and communities.

We have an open door policy and drop in facility which means you can come to talk to someone during office hours without needing to make an appointment.

What can we offer you?​

Counselling is Available to:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Young people
  • Adults of all ages

The capacity and availability of the counselling team at any given time determines the extent to which the service can be provided.

Referral Procedure

An appointment can be made through a wide range of options, self-referral, drop in, doctor’s referral, and through other agencies. It is important that counselling is your own choice.


Counsellors / Psychotherapists at the Centre adhere to professional standards of confidentiality in accordance with the Code of Ethics of their accrediting body, Koram Centre policies, GDPR and other current legal requirements.

Our Patron

Paul Brady

Paul Brady, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is one of Ireland’s most enduringly popular artists.